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aaathings turned 3 today yesterday!

Last week, we were treated to a preview of the new songs on Gold Symphony!

Which one are you looking forward to hearing in full the most?

This weekend, AAA will celebrate their ninth anniversary!

But not all of us have been fans from the start. What year did you become a AAA fan?

Have you heard!? There will be a fan-decided AAA songs ranking! Be sure to vote!

So many songs to choose from… Which one do you hope will come out on top?

Asker oeirifna Asks:
hiii, do you know where to find eng sub for AAA songs? especially the new one, i wanna make an engsub+kara vid for some of their songs in eighth wonder concert, but it's hard for me to find the engsub, and some lyrics that i found don't really match with the song. thanks before :)
aaathings aaathings Said:

Hmm…! I don’t really look for translations, but I do sometimes see them floating around! There don’t seem to be many organized websites or communities dedicated to AAA translations… (At least not active ones, so Eighth Wonder songs would be difficult to find.) but there are definitely people who do them! I guess I would just suggest searching for individual songs and hoping you find something.

Oh! You might also try asking mesmeresque here on tumblr, as she’s done many translations in the past but doesn’t have them posted.

Ahhh, this isn’t too much information, but I hope I’ve helped even just a little! And maybe some others who follow this blog know more than I do and can chime in…?

New goods for the final stretch of this year’s tour! Which is/are your favorite(s)?

There are so many exciting things about a new single! Seeing the covers… when the PV is released… being impressed by an amazing b-side…

For you, what’s the most exciting thing about a new single?