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This week, a special announcement will be made! There are so many things it could be…! What kind of news are you hoping for?

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2005 10% / 2006 15% / 2007 10%
2009 5% / 2010 15%
2011 15% / 2012 25% / 2013 5%

"This song can always lift my spirits, no matter what kind of mood I’m in!"

Which song is that?

Hi! Sorry I’ve been kinda AWOL lately. The reason is that I’ve been preparing to move into my apartment at school, and this weekend, I moved here! Even though there’s been a bit of down time, I haven’t gotten the chance to do anything for this blog…

So I’m two polls behind, which I’ll get to by next Sunday, unless I have a bored moment during the week and do them. Sooo you can still answer both of them, but I’m not gonna do any warning for a cutoff, so I’ll just count whatever’s there when I look.

And there’ll be a new question coming up this morning~

aaathings turned 3 today yesterday!

Last week, we were treated to a preview of the new songs on Gold Symphony!

Which one are you looking forward to hearing in full the most?

This weekend, AAA will celebrate their ninth anniversary!

But not all of us have been fans from the start. What year did you become a AAA fan?