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New goods for the final stretch of this year’s tour! Which is/are your favorite(s)?

There are so many exciting things about a new single! Seeing the covers… when the PV is released… being impressed by an amazing b-side…

For you, what’s the most exciting thing about a new single?

On the other hand, has there been a PV that impressed you, or made you think “I never expected something like this!” Which one?

Not too much news lately… so let’s repeat a poll! (We’ve been repeating a lot lately, I’m sorry!) Since it’s 8.4, let’s repeat poll #84 (which was itself a repeat of poll #18!)

Have you ever been disappointed with a PV? Which one?

Rumor has had it, AAA will be releasing a new single next month! Wait a couple days, and it’ll be true again.

"I want it to be something like…"

Which past song? Or maybe you hope for something completely new?