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Rumor has had it, AAA will be releasing a new single next month! Wait a couple days, and it’ll be true again.

"I want it to be something like…"

Which past song? Or maybe you hope for something completely new?

The first poll of our third year! \o/ Let’s start this year the same way we’ve started every year so far, by repeating poll #1 (and #53!)

What was your first AAA song?

After this poll is done, it will be two years since we started these polls! \o/ Is everyone still enjoying them? Like I said last year, I sometimes think about quitting these, but I always end up setting up a new post every week.

The thing that gets me is that the follower count on this blog is close to two hundred, but nowhere near that many people show up for each poll… I wish everyone would participate~ Let’s all share our happiness and play together!

After the first year, I added repeat polls. What kind of twist will I add this time…!? Well… I actually haven’t come up with anything yet lol Good thing I still have another week before year three actually begins.

Let’s close out our second year the same way we ended the first: with an anniversary-themed poll!

Which of AAA’s past anniversary lives has been your favorite? Do you expect this year’s to top it?

We haven’t been repeating polls too much lately, so let’s do that this week! How about… #40!

Out of all the people in the audience, AAA chooses you to come sing a song with them on stage! Ignoring any fears you might have, you go up on stage and choose to sing…

which song?

"I could watch this concert a million times and never get bored with it!"

Which concert is that?